Applied Acoustics Systems has announced the release of a new sound pack for the Chromaphone 3 software synthesizer instrument.

Created by Poland based sound design Daniel Stawczyk aka Status, Humanized features a collection of 100 presets.

After revealing the synthetic side of Chromaphone with the Octagon and Digital Sins sound pack, resident sound designer Daniel Stawczyk wished to explore the intrinsically organic nature of the synthesizer. He is back with Humanized, a sound collection taking advantage of the Chromaphone’s powerful macro and layer system to morph short and percussive attacks along with drone-like pads.

This rivalry between contrasting layers mimics human-like inhale/exhale motion leading to a subtle communication with the listener. Featuring textured pads, plucks, guitars, leads, keys, organs, and basses, Humanized is sure to inspire your production with organic cinematic moods.

Humanized runs in Chromaphone 3 and the free AAS Player for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU, AAX, NKS and standalone software).

In celebration of the release, all Chromaphone 3 related products are on sale at a 50% discount, including all sound packs, bundles and upgrades.

The offer is available at Applied Acoustics Systems and from distributor Plugin Boutique until October 12th, 2021.