Applied Acoustics Systems has launched its annual Summer Sale, offering a 50% discount on its synthesizer instruments, audio effects, sound packs, bundles and upgrades.

The Professional Series plugins Lounge Lizard EP-4, Strum GS-2, Chromaphone 3, String Studio VS-3 and Ultra Analog VA-3 are on sale for $99 USD each, Objeq Delay is $69 USD, and Multiphonics CV-1 now available to purchase for $79 USD. All Sound Packs titles are $19 USD each instead of $39 USD during the promotion.

The promotion also includes the following bundles:

  • The Integral ($449 USD): All AAS plugins and the entire series of sound packs.
  • Lounge Lizard EP-4 + 2 Packs ($119 USD).
  • Chromaphone 3 + 16 Packs ($195 USD).
  • Strum GS-2 + 11 Packs ($149 USD).
  • Ultra Analog VA-3 + 18 Packs ($199 USD).
  • String Studio VS-3 + 10 Packs ($165 USD).
  • Modeling Collection ($249 USD): Multiphonics CV-1, Chromaphone 3, Lounge Lizard EP-4, Objeq Delay, String Studio VS-3, Strum GS-2 and Ultra Analog VA-3.
  • Libraries Bundle ($249 USD): 5,700+ professionally crafted presets, 52 Sound Packs.

Existing AAS users can also get 50% off on all upgrade options. The offer is valid at Applied Acoustics Systems and from distributor Plugin Boutique until September 7th, 2022.