Abbey Road Plug-ins Brilliance Pack

Abbey Road Plug-ins has released the Brilliance Pack, authentic emulations of vintage EMI RS127 and RS135 presence EQs, which were key components of the Abbey Road sound during the ’60s and used on countless famous recordings.

The plug-ins were developed from original EMI circuit schematics, circuit simulation and digital modelling of vintage Abbey Road units, and retain the operation and characteristics of the original hardware.

Brilliance Pack features

  • Three plug-in modules: RS127 Rack, RS127 Box and RS135.
  • EQ curves from vintage Abbey Road hardware.
  • Exact replication of original design and controls.
  • Automation and control surface support.
  • Provided in TDM, RTAS, Audio Unit and VST formats.

The Brilliance Pack is available for Mac and Windows and costs $199 USD. A free 10-day demo is available for download.

Visit Abbey Road Plug-ins for more information.