Ableton has announced that its Link technology is now available for Reason, Serato DJ and Max desktop applications.

Ableton Link

If you make music with Ableton Live or iOS apps, Link has made playing them together a lot simpler. The technology has let musicians forget the hassle of setting up gear and focus on music. Now Link is coming to even more electronic instruments.

Link is being made available beyond Ableton Live and iOS apps, with Propellerhead Reason, Serato DJ and Cycling 74’s Max the next desktop programs to integrate it.

With more Link-enabled applications, more artists can jump straight into their performance, no matter what they’re playing. You can find out more about playing across devices on our Link tour.

Ableton has announced that Link is now made available as open source. Developers interested in integrating Link into their musical applications can use the LinkKit SDK for iOS and the Link cross-platform source code library, available from GitHub.

More information: Ableton / Link