Push Button Bang has released Ableton Pro Mix Racks, a collection of 150 Ableton effects racks for mixing and processing your audio.

Push Button Bang Ableton Pro Mix Racks

This library is designed to give you a go to selection of every kind of processing effect rack you need for your electronic music. Take your dry preset, instrument or sample and quickly shape it into a perfectly processed professional sound, cutting down production time and producing magical sounding results with ease.

The mix rack library is divided into folders based on suggested general instrument/channel type use. It is very easy to preview and select the perfect mix processing effect for any particular sound. Then use the rack as is to immediately enhance the sound or tweak quickly until its just right for you. Its easy to create original sound dynamics, shapes and effects in any instrument channel and most importantly get a great professional sound!

You’ll find all kinds of effects from compression workhorses, precision dynamics, experimental sound shaping, stereo manipulation, perfect frequency control, quick audio sculpting specific studio uses, and more technical racks to offer quick control of more advanced processing features within live.

Ableton Pro Mix Racks is available for purchase for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Push Button Bang / Ableton Pro Mix Racks