Abletunes has launched FX Mate, a multi-effect plugin featuring a compressor, reverb, delay, EQ and distortion.

Abletunes FX Mate

The plugin comes with a simple interface with 8 knobs: Punch, Drive, Bass Boost, Bright, Reverb, Stereo, Space and Delay. All parameters of each effect have been blended and mapped to one knob so you can dial in the desired sound in seconds.

FX Mate is an easy-to-use multi effect plugin that features all the essential effects you need to make your music sound wider, punchier and fuller with less efforts.

With FX Mate you can quickly add compression, distortion, reverb, delay, stereo width, boost low and mid-high frequencies with a turn of the knob.

We’ve expertly adjusted and mapped multiple parameters of each effect to a single knob so you can achieve that “finished” sound with ease.

FX Mate costs $49.99 USD. For a limited time it is available for the intro price of $39.99 USD.

More information: Abletunes