HelloSamples has announced the release of a new sound pack inspired by artists such as Tennyson, Laxcity, Whereisalex and Santpoort. The royalty free Abyssal Swing Beats offers unique and captivating sounds that swim deep into the uncharted waters of creativity.

Abyssal Swing Beats is a collection of exquisite Jazztronica Hip-Hop sounds that will tug on your heartstrings. A genre-defying sound pack that picks up from R&B & Jazz and blends it with Hip-Hop and clean Electronica.

Lush and bright synths harmonies, organic sound textures recorded from fire & water streams, percussive found sounds, deep basses, punchy swinged beats and digital blip FX sampled from mobile ring tones, texting noises and computer audio effects. A unique combination of sounds built to bring depth and emotion to your music.

Abyssal Swing Beats features

  • WAV: 792 WAV Samples, 379 WAV Loops.
  • Ableton: 135 Rack Devices.
  • Maschine: 54 Groups.
  • Akai MPC: 53 PGMs.

Prices start from 24 EUR.

More information: HelloSamples