Spitfire Audio has announced the launch of its annual Spring Sale, offering discounts of up to 65% off on libraries and collections.

Spring Sale 2022 is now live! 🎉

Save 40% on individual products and up to 65% with Collections. Explore the Kris Bowers Collection, featuring three stunning libraries handpicked by the Emmy-winning composer.

The exclusive Kris Bowers Collection features 3 libraries handpicked by the Emmy-winning Bridgerton and King Richard composer: Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit, Spitfire Symphonic Strings Professional, and Olafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit.

“These libraries have become an integral part of my scoring process. Spitfire Symphonic Strings Professional is my primary string library, and my go-to for sweetening any small live ensembles that are meant to have the sound of a full-size string section. That’s exactly how I used it for seasons one and two of Bridgerton. I’m such a huge fan of Bernard Herrmann, and the Composer Toolkit has been incredibly helpful whenever I need to write in that style. I used it almost exclusively to score the Eddie Alcazar short film ‘The Vandal.’ Lastly, Ólafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit is one of the first Spitfire libraries I purchased. The felt piano can be heard on Dear White People and its unique textures and sounds are still a part of my template today.”

The collection is priced 649 USD/EUR during the promotion, which ends May 29th, 2022.

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