Accentize has recently launched a new audio plugin that emulates hardware tube pre-amp saturation. PreTube is a Machine-Learning based tube pre-amp designed to add subtle analog saturation to your instrument or vocal recordings.

The included artificial neural networks have learnt to precisely imitate the behaviour of actual high-end hardware circuits. Choose between three different amps with different characteristics to find the most suitable sound for your project. PreTube is also a valuable addition to your mastering chain to add analogue depth and warmth.

PreTube features

  • Choose between three different pre-amp circuit models, each with its own unique sound. For example use GHOST for subtle saturation or VINTAGE for rough overdrive. You can easily switch between models to compare and choose the one you like most.
  • Precise emulation with exact waveform matching. The output signal of the analog hardware amplifiers is precisely estimated by neural networks. In several time-consuming training sessions the algorithms were optimized to match the behaviour of their hardware counterparts exactly.
  • Highly optimized through efficient computation. Artificial Neural Networks are known to require lots of computational ressources. However, the PreTube algorithms are highly optimized to even run multiple instances efficiently in real-time. HQ Mode can be switched off while mixing and back on for final render.

PreTube is available in VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, priced 67 EUR.

Designed using the same concept as PreTube, the PreFET plugin is a Machine-Learning based transistor pre-amp emulation.

Accentize PreFET

The included artificial neural network has learnt to precisely imitate the transistor pre-amp stage of a 70s tabletop cassette recorder. Depending on the Drive-Setting PreFET can colour your sounds from subtle analogue saturation to heavy overdrive.

PreFET is available to download for free.

More information: Accentize