accSone has announced an update to the crusher-X real-time granular synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

The version 9.5 “Grain Drop” update brings a set of innovative functionalities, including new a real-time audio view of the floating or fixed Grain Buffer.

As requested by many users crusher-X 9.5 provides a real-time audio view of the floating (or fixed) Grain Buffer. As it is vertically arranged, we call it the “Grain Drop” view. It shows also the current Grain generation position and can been also interactive used to set the Delay Grain Modulation in real-time. All Grain Buffer related controls are now positioned in a new Grain Buffer & Trigger panel.

The update also adds a Wave-Shape Grain Modulation for GCOs (Grain Controlled Oscillators) and a new Grain Controlled Feedback (GCF) system to allow you to design your own signature shimmer reverbs. A combined Bypass/Aux Modulation Grain Modulation is added to bleed the pure Grain signal to an additional AUX bus for own external effect processing.

More details of new additions, improvements and fixes can be found on the what’s new page. The update is free of charge for registered crusher-X 9 users.

crusher-X 9 is available for purchase for 289 EUR, while the upgrade/crossgrade for users of a previous version is 99 EUR. Prices incl. VAT (VAT will be removed for residents outside EU).

More information: accSone