accSone has announced an update to the crusher-X advanced granular synthesizer and effect plugin.

accsone crusher-X 7.5

Version 7.5 introduces many new features and improvements, including a full spline editable multichannel surround compressor/expander/limiter with flexible channel linking, reduced latency, new “Morph Modulation Speed to 0Hz” and “Grain to MIDI”, and lots more.

We invested! We invested in groundbreaking innovative features like the latency compensation, a surround capable multichannel, free spline editable compressor/expander/limiter and a unique modulation freezer.

Don’t worry about leveling anymore, give the crusher-X feedback a shelter to become crazy! We listened to our rapid growing customer base and invested in the grain processing engine, MPE, offline rendering and UI optimizations to make the crusher the best in class live granulizer ever. And we invested again to improve accessibility for visual impaired / blind composers.

Grant yourself an year-end present and invest into this new world of sound design. Enjoy crusher-X 7.5!

Changes in crusher-X v7.5

  • Adds smart latency compensation button/functionality to ensure beat synchronicity in track/loop based productions.
  • Adds a multichannel free editable compressor/expander/limiter to the output stage. Has channel linked and non-linked mode.
  • Adds overall “Morph Modulation Speed to 0Hz” Mode that allows morphing to no vapor modulations back and forth. Allows impressive interactive changes between modulated and static drones.
  • Adds a “Grain to MIDI” feature that translates the current grain volumes per generator into individual MIDI controller streams. Supports multimedia/light/DMX installations.
  • Adds global modes for Mixer settings to decouple mixer settings from switching programs.
  • Adds new MIDI MPE Free mode that allows continuous MPE control without stopping grains on MIDI key off.
  • Adds a new panning processing that leads to much more distinctive grain panning modulations.
  • Adds new AR vapor modulation mode that allows modulation from the Attack/Release MIDI section without any velocity impact.
  • Adds automatic range selection on moving ranged sliders.
  • Adds disablement of the overload grain protection when host renders offline (enables huge mass grain processing beyond current CPU capacities).
  • Adds protection to plug-in parameter assignments in control mapping.
  • Adds program reset plug-in parameter.
  • Adds DCO waveform plug-in parameter.
  • Adds initial patch load after importing a sound package.
  • Adds a global settings panel.
  • Adds reset to factory default button in global settings panel.
  • Adds a reset of the Overdrive spline when resetting the Overdrive modulation.
  • Optimizes import speed of multiple crusher sheets.
  • Optimizes Grain View on longer grains.
  • Optimizes trigger plug-in parameters so that they reflecting the button press state and only trigger on values > 0.5.
  • Optimizes support for blind / sight impaired musicians for sweep, overdrive and compressor spline editor.
  • Optimizes spline handle visualization in spline editors.
  • Optimizes input visualization in spline editors (incl. only one grain at a time sweep spline input visualization).
  • Optimizes GUI layout and colors.
  • Optimizes Volume Left/Light/Surround link behavior.
  • Optimizes DSP processing.
  • Fixes issue with random high CPU load in case of high feedback volume.
  • Fixes issue that sometimes PM-Field background was black.
  • Fixes issue with Rand S&H modulation if spread >0.
  • Fixes issue with RandLine modulation.
  • Fixes Feed.level plug-in parameter bug.
  • Fixes bug in Process UI-control.
  • macOS: Fixes seldom crashes on closing the host.
  • macOS: Fixes crash in case a preference file became corrupt.
  • macOS: Cleans up unnecessary plug-in resources.
  • vstwrap: Optimizes ASIO dialog .

Crusher-X is available for Windows and macOS (VST/AU), priced at 229 EUR incl. VAT. The upgrade/crossgrade from all older crusherX-Mac!, crusherX-Studio! and crusherX-Live! versions to crusher-X 7.5 is on sale for 49 EUR (regular 99 EUR).

More information: accSone