ModeAudio has introduced two new releases. First up is Omega Station – Trip Hop Loops, a new sample collection that combines the dark atmosphere and monumental beats of Trip Hop with the lilting electronics of analog synthesizers.

ModeAudio Omega Station

Lost in thick forest, you don’t know which way to turn through the hot, dense mist…suddenly the haze clears and you notice a towering wall, crumbling and worn, with a huge sign sprayed on in fading black paint – welcome to the strange world of Omega Station – Trip Hop Loops, where nothing is quite as it seems!

The pack comes with warm synth melodics laced with deep pads, menacing basslines and saturated drum rhythms.

Omega Station features

  • 19 Bass Loops.
  • 51 Drum & Percussion Loops.
  • 22 Keys & Piano Loops.
  • 29 Synth Loops (Leads & Pads).
  • 17 Vox & SFX Loops.
  • 13 Kick Samples.
  • 17 Clap & Snare Samples.
  • 15 Hi Hat Samples.
  • 32 Percussion & SFX Samples.
  • 54 Synth Tail Samples .
  • 58 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled).
  • 327 Files in Total, 573MB content(unzipped).

The sample pack costs £20 GBP.

Also new from ModeAudio is Synthwave, a Live Pack inspired by both the current scene of synth-drenched pop and 80s sounds.

ModeAudio Synthwave

The collection includes big, brash drums, dynamic basses, tidal pads, expansive leads and a set of 80s-influenced sci-fi effects.

To create this Pack, the sound designers at ModeAudio sampled their extensive collection of analog and digital drum machines (including the hard-knocking, under-appreciated Roland TR-505) and synths, and combined them with their own specially-configured Live effects chains.

In addition to the sample content, Synthwave also makes extensive use of Wavetable, demonstrating how much is achievable from this versatile synth. The result is a detailed toolkit of presets, kits, loops and clips that updates 80s synth aesthetics to the sonic standards of the 21st century.

Synthwave features

  • 100 Instrument Racks.
  • Samples: 327 loops and 516 one-shots.
  • 15 Drum Kits.
  • 15 Effects Racks.
  • 69 Midi Clips.
  • 6 Demo Projects.

Synthwave is available from Ableton for 49 EUR. It requires Live 10 Lite (version 10.0 or higher).

Furthermore, during the Holiday Sale at ModeAudio you can save 30% off on all sample packs, synth presets and bundles.

ModeAudio Holiday Sale 2018

The Holiday season is upon us, we’re feeling jolly, what more of an excuse do we need?

Our annual Holiday Sale is here, saving you a tasty 30% off every last one of our sound packs, so choose from our delicious array of juicy drum samples, sweet music loops, luxury synth presets and beyond. It’s time to fill up your sample stocking!

The ModeAudio catalog spans over 150 loops, samples and presets packs, so check it out before the sale ends.

More information: ModeAudio