accSone has released version 5.6 of the crusherX-Mac! and crusherX-Studio! granular synthesis software.

The new Shadow Program functionality allows a fast reset towards a predefined sound e.g. during live performance. Several optimizations and tweaks of the grain processing feature smoother morphing (e.g. X-Crush, Panning, Filter, L/R Mode).

Changes in v5.6

  • Add reset to the default/last imported/last loaded program functionality.
  • Add more than one controller to a single parameter. That allows e.g. the “reset” of a parameter with a different controller.
  • Add import button in assignment list that allows now merging from different assignment lists.
  • Enhance grain view to display the generator routing.
  • Enhance head room for X-Crush processing.
  • Enhance grain generator panning behavior.
  • Changed behavior on loading a crusher sheet so that file name is taken over as the preset name.
  • Fix several AIFF file loading problems.
  • Fix preset change bug for VST plugins under Ableton Live.
  • Fix controller assignment bug under Ableton Live.

crusherX-Mac! (VST/AU) and crusherX-Studio! (VST) are available for purchase for 179 EUR each. The update is free for all registered crusherX-Mac! 5.x and crusherX-Studio! 5.x users.

More information: accSone