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Accusonus releases HappyPlacer: the world’s first plugin that sends music makers to their happy place for FREE!


Accusonus, artificial-intelligence specialists and developers of music software tools such as drumatom, Regroover and ERA-D, has introduced HappyPlacer, a plugin to de-stress your recording sessions.

Accusonus HappyPlacer

Accusonus Inc, artificial-intelligence specialists and developers of music software tools such as drumatom, Regroover and ERA-D proudly present the HappyPlacer.

The life of sound engineers, producers and musicians can be really tough. Hanging around in music studios can be dangerous and stressful. Just lay back and consider:

  • Have you ever tried to record a band whose members can barely play their instruments?
  • Have you ever tried to capture the “musical” performance of a musician that has invested more time and money in a facebook page than in music lessons?
  • Have you ever suffered by listening someone trying to play that same solo part 1 million times?
  • Have you paid more than you actually make to your therapist, just to talk about the horrible music you were subjected to while trying to put food on the table?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the HappyPlacer is the right tool for you! Open the HappyPlacer in your DAW, read the best jokes in the industry, forget about your problems and go to your happy place… “In accusonus, it’s our mission to make every music maker’s life easy and joyful.” says Alex Tsilfidis co-founder and CEO of accusonus. “We de-bleed your drums, we un-mix your grooves, we de-noise your audio, we de-reverberate your voiceovers and now we even de-stress your recording sessions!”. And it’s not only that! By using an advanced psychoasoustic principle (i.e. “the happier I am, the better it sounds”), the HappyPlacer makes your sound more warm, precise, tone rich, smooth, breathable, dynamic and punchy than ever!

HappyPlacer is available for download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) at the introductory price of $0 USD. Intro pricing will end when there’s no one left on earth who thinks that it’s a good idea to record music just to find someone to hook up.

More information: Accusonus / HappyPlacer

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