acid.milch&honig has released transistordrums, a free sample based drum module for Windows.

acid.milch&honig transistordrums

acid.milch&honig transistordrums

transistordrums features

  • 10 drum slots, most slots have:
    • character select (white)
    • tuning/pitch (yellow)
    • attack & decay (orange)
    • distortion (red)
    • velovity on/off switch
    • panning (grey)
    • level (white)
  • random generator (for randomized patches).
  • Control LEDs and a trigger button for each drum slot, for use without a midi keyboard.

transistordrums is available as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

A pro version is available as donationware. It features more selectable sample-slots (some more percussion sounds and 808 styled hihats/rides) and individual drumslot audio outputs.

More information: acid.milch&honig