AcmeBarGig Canadian Metal Pack

AcmeBarGig has released the Canadian Metal Pack, a collection of freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

AcmeBarGig has teamed up with the legendary LePou and Catharsis Studios to bring you this amazing collaboration.

Canadian Metal Pack features

  • AcmeBarGig Preampus Distortus Head – designed for metal players and able to kick out some amazing high gain tones for bone-crushing riffs or searing leads, Preampus Distortus is just plain HEAVY!
  • AcmeBarGig RedShift Overdrive, a new concept applied to the much-loved RedShift pickup replacement software, featuring an addeditional overdrive element.
  • AcmeBarGig Scar Tube distortion designer, allows you to design a distortion effect by adjusting the settings and bias of it’s four tubes, from a slight gain boost to all-out sonic warfare, Scar gives you the tools to craft an amazing, unique tone.
  • Poulin Solo C, three versions: preamp-only, head-only and a full-stack version with two separate cabinets capable of loading any impulse response files.
  • Catharsis Studios IR Cabs for Solo C, a fantastic set of impulse response files to ensure you’re ready to get amazing tones from this package as soon as you install it.

The Canadian Metal Pack is available as freeware for Windows PC (VST).