AcmeBarGig Shred

AcmeBarGig has released Shred, a free VST amp suite for Windows PC.

With a huge amount of customization options we’re sure all you tweakers will be satisfied for hours and with a whole plethora of presets, from searing leads to tranquil cleans, we think it’ll please all you guys who just like to plug in and play just as much!

Shred features

  • The freeware version of Shred comes with 6 amp heads ranging from warm, sweet, clean tones to hair-raising metal thunder: Shred, Enthalpos Median, Supersound 1972, Marvel, Quarter, and Honken.
  • ‘Frankenamp’ technology allows you to select the parts from any of the other heads and mix and match them for a sound all your own…
  • Interchange nearly every aspect of every head!
  • 6 built in Stereo out Rack effects: Shiver Tremolo, DIG Stereo Delay, Noise Gate, Mountain Reverb, OD Treble Master, and The Naus Filter.
  • Lots more!

Shred is available as freeware for Windows PC (VST).