AcousModules Elasticometre

AcousModules has released 3 new stereo VST plug-ins, Elasticometre, Echonomitron and Polyfragmenteur.

Elasticometre is a granular time stretcher / pitch shifter / slicer-looper. It has an integrated 16 and 24 bits wav file player and eight granular processors in series allowing the time-stretching and the pitch-shifting. Two dimensional gesture controllers define the size + speed and size + height.
It features a modulator with complex waveforms and dynamic morphing and two standard modulators, one of which controls the morphing parameter of modulator 1. You can modulate the size, speed, height and detuning of the grains as well as the X / Y position of the “megapan” + “spatializer” and keyboard command.

AcousModules Echonomitron
AcousModules Polyfragmenteur
Echonomitron is a multi delay with modulations. It features sixteen parallel delays, up to ten seconds each. It has three time curves : logarithmic / linear / exponential for easy bounce or echo effects.
A global modulation of the times with inertia factor delivers smooth or dramatic effects. Each of the 16 delays can be individually muted. The delays times and feedback values can be stored in six snaphots.

Polyfragmenteur is a slicer / granular processor. It has a 16 and 24 bits stereo files player which can stream from disc (no theoretical limit of duration).
The slicing of the left and right channels is in two times sixteen fragments and you can control the speed of splicing by an internal clock, the tempo (host or tap tempo) or MIDI notes.
Polyfragmenteur features a simple ADSR envelope for the shape of the fragments. The multimode filter can be set to random variation, as well as pitch and position. A spacializer has twelve memory slots of independent configurations and can be recalled at any time.
The gesture controller sets minimum and maximum values for each of the following parameters: file position, pitch, filter, speed of the internal clock, envelope Decay and Release.

These plug-ins are now available for 10 Euros each.

Visit AcousModules for more information and links to download demos.