Acousticas EMT 252

Acousticas has released EMT 252, a sample library consisting of 2112 unique stereo impulse responses.

This library reflects 95% of all the reverb possibilities of the real hardware. And using our included modulation delay presets makes it sound exactly like the real thing.

EMT 252 Impulse Response Library features

  • 768 EMT 252 impulse responses.
  • 256 EMT 250 impulse responses.
  • 1024 EMT NON-LIN impulse responses.
  • 16 EMT D-REV (Doppler Reverb) impulse responses.
  • Modeling presets for use with Digidesign’s Mod Delay II and Logic’s Chorus.
  • Screenshots of Mod Delay II for easy re-creation in your choice of LFO based delay or chorus.

EMT 252 is available in three versions:

  1. EMT 252 LE (core library), includes the 252 & D-REV: 69 EUR.
  2. EMT 252 OP, includes E250 & NON-LIN: 79 EUR.
  3. EMT 252 XL, full library: 99 EUR.

Visit Acousticas for more information and video demos.