Acousticsamples Marchin'

Acousticsamples has released Marchin’, a military marching band sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Marchin’ features

  • Military marching band set includes:
    • two 24′ bassdrums
    • 8 16′ toms pitched differently
    • 6 15′ snares
    • one 18′ cymbal
  • 2,16Go of samples recorded at 24 bits, 44.1khz.
  • Custom mapping, you can assign every element to any key from the interface in two different ways.You can even assign multiple elements to the same key.
  • Mapping preset that helps you play multiple elements at the same time (see video).
  • Variable mapping repetition to play it with both hands.
  • Multiple microphone positions and custom mixing of each element, we recorded each one with one stereo pair around 3 meters away plus one for the up side and one on the down side.
  • Advanced cymbal action : releasing the cymbal key will play different muting samples depending on the note time.
  • 4 Cycle round robins for each element.
  • Detailed instruments: About 20 velocity layers per round robin (80 samples per element).
  • Sensitivity button to adjust the response.
  • Variable mapping repetition to play it with both hands.
  • Pitch adjustment for every element.

Marchin’ is currently available for Kontakt 3 or higher (other formats will follow), priced at 59 EUR.

More information: Acousticsamples / Marchin’