Acousticsamples TheBox

Acousticsamples has released TheBox, a sample library featuring a big Peruvian Bass Cajón.

TheBox Bass Cajón features

  • 224 MB of stereo samples (839 samples, recorded at 44.1Khz 24bits), no loops.
  • Right hand/Left hand samples.
  • 12 different hit positions to reflect the full possibilities of the instrument.
  • About 70 Velocity layers per note divided in 4 Round Robins.
  • Customizable sensitivity (kontakt).
  • KONTAKT 2 and 3, EXS24, SFZ and MachFive formats. Easy to use KONTAKT interface.

TheBox Bass Cajón is available as a download for 14 EUR.

Visit Acousticsamples for more information and demo mp3s.