Acousticsamples has updated its GD-6 acoustic guitar instrument to version 2, and the Telematic electric guitar to version 3.

The GD6 acoustic guitar and the Telematic electric guitar have been updated! They now use the latest script we developped and used for the Sunbird library.

Changes in GD6 / Telematic

  • Improved strumming script for more realistic strumming.
  • New pattern maker, creating patterns is now very easy and you can even save them and share them with other users.
  • Edit and add your own chords voicings.
  • Song builder now accepts a root change, so you can have more than one C chord in the same song for example.
  • Better control over the microphones and pickups.
  • And many core improvements…

The GD-6 is available for purchase for 119 EUR; Telematic is 99 EUR. The new versions are free for existing users.

More information: Acousticsamples