Acrobatics Alieno v1.0.7 (Landing Edition)

Acrobatics has released version 1.0.7 of Alieno, a freeware monophonic synthesizer VSTi plugin for Windows PC.

Changes in v1.0.7

  • MIDI Control Changes added.
  • Modified release envelope time to match compatibility with DualCore fast processors whose users were experiencing clicks on note-off messages.
  • Master section now includes “Oversampling” and “Spectroscope” activation/deactivation switches to save system resources (5% less CPU usage when both OFF). Velocity on volume is no more an option but hardwired to the synth engine. The Spectroscope is automatically excluded when in offline mode, so rendering to audio should be faster too.
  • All switches are now automatable in host including the two Modulation Wheel assignments.
  • Interactive display: buttons, knobs and sliders value changes are now monitorized on the LCD, which tracks informations on the current parameter in editing.
  • GUI optimization.
  • Improved: File Manager save/load path.
  • Updated user guide.

The new version also includes Alieno LANDING EDITION, a separate, special version of Alieno 1.0.7 simulating a damaged spaceship, forced to abandon the sound battle and landing on an unknown planet.

Alieno LE features a unique, dedicated skin and a completely redesigned audio effects section with Shift instead of Warp, Echo instead of Repeater (check the included manual for more info).

Visit Acrobatics for more information and a link to download Alieno v1.0.7.