ADAM Audio has announced the launch of its Soundtrack Competition, where contests are invited to compose a short, 30-second soundtrack for one of five images supplied by the company.

ADAM Audio Soundtrack Competition

ADAM Audio is giving pairs of their celebrated monitors to winners of the Soundtrack Competition who judges determine have entered the most creative soundtrack.

One Grand Prize winner will be awarded a custom-made pair of special edition ADAM Audio A77X monitors. Only one pair of these special edition Audio A77X monitors will be made worldwide. Other contestants will have the opportunity to win a number of other prizes including a pair of A7X monitors (Second Place prize), a pair of F7 monitors (Third Place prize) and a pair of F5 monitors (Audience Award).

The ADAM Audio Soundtrack Competition closes on November 30th, 2015 (1.00 p.m. CET).

More information: ADAM Audio