ADAM Audio has announced that its new T8V 8-inch woofer studio monitor is now available for purchase at retailers worldwide.

Designed around the same technology, features and build quality as the T5V 5-inch woofer and T7V 7-inch woofer models, the T8V provides best-in-class characteristics and sound performance.

The T8V is the latest addition to our award-winning T Series line of professional studio monitors which offer renowned ADAM Audio performance, quality and reliability at a value price point. Featuring an 8-inch woofer paired with powerful amplification, the T8V’s power and lower bass extension make it an ideal choice for project and home studios, clients who work in bass-heavy music genres such as hip hop, dance, ambient, dub and EDM, and those who work in non-electronic genres like funk, metal, blues and pop.

Like the full T Series line which delivers performance and specifications unprecedented in their class, the new T8V a frequency response that reaches down 33 Hz and the ability to project an impressive SPL of 118 dB per pair. The extremely low bass extension of the T8Vs make these monitors an ideal choice to pair with the T10S T Series subwoofer.

T8V features

  • U-ART 1.9” Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter.
  • Air velocity ratio of 4:1 during the sound generation by folded U-ART membrane.
  • HPS waveguide from the S Series.
  • Lightweight polypropylene construction of the woofer.
  • Vertical 2-way system with 8” woofer.
  • Spacious rear-firing bass reflex port.
  • Linear frequency response of 33 Hz to 25 kHz.
  • Maximum peak sound pressure per pair in 1 m ≥ 118 dB.
  • DSP-powered crossover design.
  • Simple room acoustic adjustments via high- and low-shelf filters.
  • Analog inputs over XLR and RCA.
  • Acoustically optimized cabinet geometry.
  • 2 years warranty with optional extension to 3 years with the registration of the product.

The T8V is available at retailers worldwide with an MSRP of $299 USD, SRP 299 EUR incl. VAT and £259 GBP incl. VAT.

More information: ADAM Audio

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