Zynaptiq has released version 1.1.0 of Adaptiverb, a reflectionsless reverberation effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

This free update addresses all known issues and features a brand-new Preview Mode that significantly reduces CPU load while affecting the sound only slightly – and which can even sound cooler for some types of sounds.

Unlike traditional reflection-based acoustic room modeling, ADAPTIVERB adds perceived depth, harmonic richness, and butter-smooth tails without obscuring the source. Preserving the tonal definition and directness of your mix, it adds size, glue and body – making it perfect for mixing and mastering applications alike.

Changes in Adaptiverb v1.1.0

  • New lower CPU load Preview Mode.
  • General performance optimizations.
  • Reduced short-time CPU peak loads.
  • Improved 48kHz performance.
  • Improved user manual.
  • Fixed an issue where Radio Group type switches would not write automation as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with freeZE under Windows.
  • Fixed an issue with plugin ID of VST3 being inconsistent between Mac and Windows (Mac VST3 users please see important information below).
  • Fixed an issue where latency compensation could behave unexpectedly in Logic Pro X.
  • Fixed an issue with mono-to-stereo operation as AU in Digital Performer Mac.
  • Fixed a rare issue where freeZE would not play back when loading a session.
  • Fixed rare GUI library compatibility issues with some other products.
  • Fixed an issue with VST3 Plug-Ins not updating output data correctly.
  • Fixed a potential crash when running in Ray Trace mode.
  • Various other enhancements and fixes.

Important note for Mac VST3 users: Due to a bug in Adaptiverb v1.0.x, Adaptiverb v1.1.0 VST3 Mac will not be loaded when opening sessions created on a Mac using earlier VST3 versions – breaking session backward compatibility. Other formats and platforms, as well as plug-in presets, are not affected.

As a solution, the Adaptiverb 1.1.0 Mac archive includes a special Adaptiverb VST3 Legacy Support version installer. Please read the relevant Read Me file before updating to v1.1.0.

Adaptiverb is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX).

More information: Zynaptiq