Admiral Quality Poly-Ana

Admiral Quality has released version 1.18 of virtual analog polyphonic synthesizer Poly-Ana and L’il Poly-Ana, the preset player version.

Poly-Ana and L’il Poly-Ana version 1.18 are out, fixes a few bugs and switches to the Symbiosis VST to AU wrapper on OSX. (Note to Mac users with projects built around version 1.17. 1.18’s .component files won’t work with your pre-existing projects. To make old projects work, install only the .vst files and leave your old version 1.17 .component files in place.)

Changes in Poly-Ana/L’il Poly-Ana v1.18

  • Now using Symbiosis AU wrapper for OSX, VST file installation no longer required.
  • Fixed bug, Osc 3 internal sync setting being copied from Osc 2 after suspend/resume called while GUI continued to show correct program setting. Happened at record or render time (depending on host behavior), after bypassing, and when Quality setting was changed.
  • Stability and other minor bug fixes including Ableton crash on OSX.

Poly-Ana is available to purchase as an instrument plug-in for PC and Mac (VST/AU) for $179.95 USD. L’il Poly-Ana is $94.95 USD.

More information: Admiral Quality / Poly-Ana