AfroDJMac has introduced his 71st free Ableton Live Pack, Drum Multi FX.

AfroDJMac Drum Multi FX

This rack is exactly what I use when I play live. It has both a high and low pass filter. As you turn the filter knobs, the resonance increases, making the effect more dramatic as you turn it up. Second is a Reverb/Delay knob. When the knob is in the middle, the signal remains dry. Turn it left and you add reverb. Turn it right, you add delay. Two FX on one knob, sweet! Third, we have a Bit Crusher/ Beat Repeat knob. Again, the middle is clean. Turning left does the bit crushing. Turning right activates a Beat Repeat. The further you go left, the bit crushing morphs. The further right you go, the repeat time changes. So on four knobs you get six effects. This is perfect when you need to make the most of your MIDI controllers.

The bottom four macros are your Beat Repeats. As soon as you turn the knob past zero, the Beat Repeat turns on. Each knob controls a different Beat Repeat with a different grid size. I like to map these knobs to a Momentary Midi button. This means the effect will only trigger while I hold down the button. To smooth out the sounds, each knob also triggers a subtle Chorus effect. I’ve found this helps mitigate any pops or clicks.

The Live Pack is a free download at AfroDJMac.

More information: AfroDJMac / Drum Multi FX