Aguru Aodix v4.2

Aguru has released Aodix v4.2, a tickless tracker-interface based sequencer.

Aodix is a VST2 host, and supports ASIO2.

New in v4.2

  • Autocenter instance in routing window (ctrl+click on Instance lists)
  • Autoconnect instance to master configuration option
  • Ctrl+Enter will return to the previous editing pattern
  • Automation events keyboard editable
  • Skin selector in configuration dialog
  • Double-click on routing view will place the new loaded instance at cursor position
  • Automation events colour shading
  • Transposing of automation events
  • Ctrl+Double Click in routing wire-link arrow will detach all instance output wires routing to same input destination instance
  • Instance positioning at load improved
  • Block data interpolation between events (beta)
  • Configuration option to run aodix in fullscreen mode
  • Modif: Full GUI skinning support
  • New indexed parameter list

Fixed in v4.2

  • Transport cycle bug
  • Proper handling of plugins with 1 or less (yes, 0 and -1) programs
  • Small bug browsing plug-ins that have capital letter dll extension
  • display problems with certain videocards
  • erroneous vst pin connected flag report (fixes Antares Filter working mono and lot of others)
  • Miscellaneuous improvements and fixes

Check the Aguru site for more information and a link to download the demo (Save disabled).