Airwindows has announced its new audio plugin BrightAmbience, an effect designed for very bright gated reverbs.

BrightAmbience is one of the old secret weapons of classic Airwindows. It’s nasty enough to be pretty unique, and nice enough to be useable. What it does, is it sets up a BIG pile of delay taps spaced by prime numbers.

There’s a decay control and a sustain control: the sustain will help with its CPU hungriness, the decay won’t. Dry/wet is at the top (what can I say, this was an early one) and wet tends to run HOT so you might like to use it as mostly dry and add its coloration to things as needed.

Other recent plugins Chris has released include:

  • Beam, a wordlength reducer that tries to heighten sonority.
  • AverMatrix, turning averaging into a full-featured EQ.
  • Dark (Redux), a wordlength reducer that gives your music a blacker backdrop.

The plugins are available as a free download in VST and AU formats for Windows and Mac. You can support the work of Chris on Patreon.

More information: Airwindows