Alex Antonov has introduced a new Kontakt instrument library featuring an acoustic guitar with a rich sound, solo and strum modes, polyphonic “slide” articulation and lots of patterns.

Both a microphone and a piezo pickup were sampled for the AC Guitar library. They can be mixed, allowing you to get bright and rich tones.

That guitar is very good and balanced sounding in mix. I programmed a completely new “Slide” algorithm and now it’s polyphonic. This means that we can make slides with single notes as well as with several notes at once. In a slide, you can use two and three and four notes at the same time, and it doesn’t matter if the intervals of the initial and final notes match.

AC Guitar features

  • ​​Microphone and a piezo pickup.
  • ​Solo and Strum modes.
  • ​9 sound presets.
  • ​45 patterns (strumming and picking).
  • ​Articulations: Slide, Legato, Bend, Palm Muted, Harmonics, Dead Notes.
  • ​Brand New “Polyphonic Slide” script.
  • ​4 Round Robins per note.
  • ​4 velocity layers.

AC Guitar for the full version of Kontakt 5.8.0 or higher is on sale for the intro price of $169 USD for a limited time (regular $229 USD).

More information: Alex Antonov