Alipapa has released the VR-08, a virtual TR-808 drum machine instrument for Windows.

Alipapa VR-08

It is equipped with a waveform of 2,134 Total number of sampling was carried out carefully in 24-bit/96kHz while parameters change little by little, the sound of all instruments of actual TR-808. From that, sound is pronounced by selecting / resynthesis the best one according to the note-on velocity value and position of the knob of the VR-08 panel is 808 sound itself exactly.

It is contributed to Yes performing smoothing processing and rising edge detection technology of its own important attack portion impression with the rhythm instrument in particular, it feels the “smell of digital” sampling sound source general, the moment to attack when It’s to reduce the aliasing noise generated only.

VR-08 is available to purchase for ¥3,900. A free version (44.1kHz) is available to download.

More information: Alipapa