All The Machines has announced the release of the Ooomph kick drum synthesizer instrument for Max for Live.

OOOMPH is the 1st release of a couple of new Drum Synths (next are: TSCHAK, CHCK and CLOINK) with the focus on quick results by its unique randomizing feature.

Ooomph is a Bass Drum Synth and its design is simple and easy to use for a faster production workflow.

Ooomph features

  • Analog style oscillator (sine, sawtooth, triangle and rectangle).
  • Noise and distortion.
  • Filter.
  • Frequency modulation (sine, saw, noise).
  • Pitch-envelope.
  • Randomizable internal step sequencer.
  • Randomize FORM-functionality that locks parameters.

Ooomph is available for $3 USD.

More information: All The Machines