Softube has announced the release of Fix Phaser, a new phaser effect plugin for Windows and Mac, developed in collaboration with Paul Wolff.

Fix Phaser offers classic deep phasing effects for instruments, a chasing stereo mode for rotating effects, a wide mode that converts mono to convincing stereo sound, and vibrato type effects when used fully wet.

Softube Fix Phaser

A phaser that has it all, the only single phaser that could please audio legend Paul Wolff of Fix Audio Designs: the Fix Phaser!

Joining the Fix Flanger and Doubler to complete the exquisite set, the Fix Phaser creates subtle movement and texture in string sections or synth pads, washes drum kits in stratospheric swirling attitude, adds throbbing vibratos to vocals, or simply swooshes and whooshes things to your heart’s content.

It can even turn a mono instrument track into a convincing stereo performance with the spectacular ‘wide’ mode.

Never again will you reach into the audio toolbox and find an empty space where your spaceship should be.

Fix Phaser features

  • Classic deep phasing effects for instruments.
  • Chasing stereo mode for rotating effects.
  • Wide mode converts mono to convincing stereo sound.
  • Vibrato type effects when used fully wet.
  • Add movement and depth to static sound.
  • Easily synchronize to your DAW tempo, and ease your mixing through variable stages and different stereo modes.

Fix Phaser (VST/AU/AAX) is on sale for the intro price of $79 USD (regular $99 USD).

More information: Softube / Fix Phaser