Alterex ViNOM

Alterex has released ViNOM, a free synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

The ViNOM synthesizer has dual VCO, LFO (tri, sqr, saw up, saw down and s&h) and a VCF with a 12/18/24 dB lowpass filter.

ViNOM features

  • LFO/MG — retrigger, BPM synced with the waveforms: tri, sqr, saw up, saw down and sample and hold.
  • VCO — Two with saw, sqr and tri with oscillator sync and ring modulation. The MG or EG can modulate the pitch of either oscillator 1, 2 or 1+2.
  • VCF — 12/18/24 dB low-pass filter with CV modulation. The cut-off frequency can be modulated by the MG or EG.
  • ENV — The envelope generator is based on ViCON.

ViNOM is available as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.