Igor Vasiliev of Motion Soundscape has announced an update to the AltiSpace 2 advanced convolution reverb app for iOS.

Version 1.1 improves the audio engine and adds the ability to move user presets to different groups. You can now import a large number of your own impulse responses and group them for easier access.

Changes in AltiSpace 2 v1.1

  • Added groups for user presets.
  • Ability to select multiple user presets for move and delete.
  • Added option to show only user presets for the Audio Unit host.
  • Added option to show only favorite presets for the Audio Unit host.
  • Fixed an issue with blocking UI when using file picker.
  • Pictures in descriptions are now displayed in audio unit mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the Inter-app audio control panel on iPhone.
  • Some improvements of audio engine.
  • Built-in description has been updated.
  • Minor bugs were fixed.

AltiSpace 2 is available for purchase for $6.99 USD at the App Store.

More information: Motion Soundscape