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Amped Studio releases 7 new devices in update of cloud-based DAW


Online beat making software Amped Studio has announced the release of a major update with seven new devices, a video tutorial page and some general design improvements.

Continuing its mission to take online music making to higher level, the latest update includes 2 free effects: BitCrusher and Compressor Mini and 5 devices included with a Premium subscription: Distortion, Compressor, Limiter, Gate and Expander.

Amped Studio 2.1

Crush & Distort

Distortion and BitCrusher are two great new effects for sound mangling and coloration. BitCrusher is a free effect and is available for all users. Distortion is a Premium effect offering plenty of character to anything you throw it on! With eleven different distortion modes it can do anything from subtle saturation to aggressive destruction.

Dynamic Power

Four new Premium dynamic effects Compressor, Limiter, Gate and Expander are great for any mixing situation. The new video tutorial page has separate videos explaining how use and understand each effect. Compressor Mini, offers a one knob control to glue or squash wherever needed!

Amped Studio 2.1

The Amped Studio website was also updated with a new studio manual, improved navigation and videos to help you get started. Amped Studio is free and costs only $4.99 USD a month ($49.99 USD a year) to get access to the Premium devices, sound library and expanded audio options. Other Amped Studio features include Pitch to MIDI technology, WAM support (cloud based VSTs) and an array of instruments and effects to help you develop your music production skills.

More information: Amped Studio

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