Ample Sound has announced a round of updates for all eight of its virtual bass instruments, bringing a new Riffer, scaling of the user interface and new presets.

New features:

  • A new Riffer system, fully compatible with standard MIDI, 4-string, 5-string, and 6-string Bass riffs can be read interchangeably, and compatible with guitar riffs.
  • UI size scaling function.
  • Updated preset files for all 8 Basses and added some new presets.
  • Updated legato system. Legato Slide and HP support different intervals on different strings, and the start notes on multiple strings can be played at different times.
  • Improved microphone mix modes for ABA and ABU.

Issue fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where plugins might fail to load in large projects on Mac.
  • Fixed an issue where some notes may not stop properly during fast polyphonic playing with HP and Repeat articulations.
  • Fixed channel EQ switch display issues for ABA and ABU.

The upgrade is free for existing users, available to download from the “Myamplesound” page in their Ample Sound account.

More information: Ample Sound