IK Multimedia has announced the upcoming AmpliTube 5, an update to the leading amp and effects modelling software that accurately captures the sound, feel and vibes of the world’s most-sought after guitar and bass gear.

The new AmpliTube 5 offers a massive increase in gear, features and flexibility for an even more seamless and satisfying user experience, raising massively the bar of what can be expected from an amp simulator today.

It delivers 129 new gear models for a total of over 400 ultra-realistic models, a cutting-edge re-designed cabinet section with unique new VIR technology, and improved power amp / speaker cab interaction for dramatically improved sonic authenticity.

An all-new, resizeable interface makes creating and routing rigs a breeze, with improved gear selection, drag & drop placement, and support for one, two or three-amp rigs with up to 57 simultaneous effects.

New rack effects derived from IK’s award-winning T-RackS 5 can easily craft professionally polished, “just like the album” tones, a new mixer window, AmpliTube’s popular 8-channel DAW, an enhanced Looper with 2 simultaneous tracks and infinite layers of sound add even more sonic power in the studio or live.

AmpliTube 5 can work both as a desktop app and plug-in for any DAW, and it’s available in four versions to suit every need – from the free AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop up through to AmpliTube 5 MAX, which offers full access to all current official artist and brand collections.

Nearly 20 years ago, IK introduced the original AmpliTube – the world’s first guitar & bass amp and effects plug-in to model the entire guitar/bass chain from instrument to recording device in a hyper-realistic and intuitive way. Today, the diverse AmpliTube series includes collections created with renowned brands such as Fender, MESA/Boogie and Orange, and iconic artists such as Joe Satriani, Brian May, Slash and many more.

New in AmpliTube 5

  • All new signal chain & routing freedom: An all-new drag & drop signal chain supports up to 57 simultaneous models, series / parallel routing and blended DI signal for unprecedented creative freedom.
  • New Cabinet section with VIR™ technology: Powerful new “Volumetric Impulse Response” radically transforms all 100+ cabinets in AmpliTube 5 with over 143,000 impulse response measurements in all.
  • Custom IR loader: Load, tilt and re-size your own impulse responses in place of any cabinet.
  • New Mixer with built-in effects: A new mixer lets you easily blend multiple cabs, mics and DI, with 19 new mixing effects, include some from T-RackS 5 to add a final studio sheen to any track.
  • New Gear: 129 brand new models, including 2 new stomps, 5 acclaimed amps, 2 new rooms, 19 new rack FX and over 100 completely re-captured cabinets.
  • Totally re-designed Custom Shop: Adds a more modern, easy-to-navigate design, and allows users to demo and unlock gear faster than ever.

AmpliTube 5 for Windows and Mac will be available in Q4 2020 and is currently available for pre-order with special introductory pricing:

  • AmpliTube 5 CS: free.
  • AmpliTube 5 SE: 99.99 USD/EUR (regular 149.99 USD/EUR).
  • AmpliTube 5: 149.99 USD/EUR (upgrade) – 199.99 USD/EUR (regular 299.99 USD/EUR).
  • AmpliTube 5 MAX: 299.99 USD/EUR (upgrade) – 399.99 USD/EUR (regular 599.99 USD/EUR).

Upgrade/crossgrade prices are available to IK users who have registered any IK products worth 99.99 USD/EUR or more. All prices excluding taxes.

AmpliTube 5 will also be available bundled with IK’s AXE I/O and AXE I/O SOLO premium guitar interfaces.

Any customer who purchases AmpliTube 4 or any IK hardware package that includes AmpliTube 4 after October 15th, 2020, will automatically receive an upgrade to AmpliTube 5 SE.

More information: IK Multimedia