Daniel Stawczyk aka Status has announced the release of the Analog and Modeling Pack for VA-2 and VS-2.

This bundle pack comprises three soundsets for the Ultra Analog VA-2 and String Studio VS-2 synthesizer instruments by Applied Acoustics Systems.

The Moon and DNA soundsets for VA-2 and Times for VS-2 feature almost 600 presets for the introductory price of $31.99 in September and October. Regular price $45.

AMP Bundle features

  • Moon for Ultra Analog VA-2
    31 perfect ambient presets, 14 arpeggiator basses just ready to play your backgrounds, 16 arpeggiator presets, 38 unique inspiring effects, 9 romantic keys to play your favourite melodies, 36 edgy leads, 6 pad presets, 50 synthesizer patches to complete your compositions.
  • DNA “Decent-Neurotic-Arpeggiators” for VA-2
    58 presets of hard feature, 60 mild presets, 52 soft loop inspirations, 11 drums playing, and 19 special effects to enliven your creativity.
  • Times for String Studio VS-2
    18 ambient presets, 15 chords to enrich the compositions, 14 crashing leads, 7 calm pads, 12 gated flows, 17 original sound effects, 46 inpiring synthesizers, 11 bass arpeggiators, 17 heavy-guitar arps, 30 original melody arpeggiators.
  • Patches have ModWheel and Aftertouch applied.

All other soundsets are also 30% off in September and October, 2016.

More information: Daniel Stawczyk