Analogue Drums Kingpin & Plastique

Analogue Drums has released Kingpin and Plastique, two drum sound libraries for Native Instruments.

Kingpin is a punchy vintage kit combining classic vintage tone and modern snap. This kit can dish out everything from R’n’B and urban grooves through to rock, pop and indy tracks.

Plastique is a hard hitting rock kit with tone and punch for miles. This kit will drive a classic rock track with authority and add flavour to fusion and pop pieces.

Kingpin & Plastique features

  • Round robin: each velocity layer contains 6 round-robin samples, played randomly to ensure realistic performances.
  • Multi-sampling: each key contains up to 8 velocity layers for expressive detail. Hihats are extensively sampled for convincing realism with 7 articulations (tip, tight, closed, loose, semi-open, open, pedaled).
  • Kontakt instrument interface: with separate volume and panning controls for individual drums, overhead mics, and room mics.
  • Sensitivity control: increase the sensitivity of the kit for more subtle performances or leave it set to full dynamic range for rock and heavier numbers.
  • Presets: for quickly dialing up sounds.

The Kingpin and Plastique sample libraries are available to purchase for $39 USD each.

More information: Analogue Drums