Analogue Instruments has announced a 60% discount on the Electron Reactor virtual instrument library, a pure analog pulse engine for Kontakt.

Analogue Instruments Electron Reactor

The multi-layered, tempo synced pulses can be played like an expressive instrument. Five sequencers and a random sequence generator are included, as well as 12 effect sections.

A pure analogue monster! The Electron Reactor houses a huge library of 225 looping analogue pulses sampled from the big boys of modern synths (giving it an unprecedented analogue sound and feel). This unique engine and sound-set is built for the rapid creation of Cinematic Electronica, EDM, Industrial, Synthwave, and Dark Ambient music.

Electron Reactor features

  • Ultra playable, pure analogue pulse engine.
  • Massive 225 core instrument library & 375 factory presets.
  • Assistant Composer. Intelligently randomises sequencer values to assist in the creation of rhythms, arpeggios, riffs and fx patterns.
  • Tempo sync. Pulses, LFOs & sequencers lock to DAW.
  • Key input quantise. Syncs your playing to every pulse, LFO & sequencer.
  • Fully optimised. Small hard drive & CPU footprint.
  • Easily assign midi controllers to any fx control.

Electron Reactor for the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher costs $129 USD. Newsletter subscribers get the instrument library at a 60% discount, priced $39 USD.

More information: Analogue Instruments