UNDRGRND Sounds Analogue Underground Presets for Sylenth

UNDRGRND Sounds has launched Analogue Underground Presets, a soundset for the Sylenth1 synthesizer by Lennar Digital, featuring an authentic selection of melodic sounds that can be used in all sub genres of techno, house and electronica.

With lush, rich, analogue-style sounds, this pack is inspired by the electronic innovators of the 80’s & 90’s.

This Sylenth sound bank is all about offering authentic analogue-style sounds for a fraction of the price of the iconic hardware synths they’re inspired by. From dirty basses to deep, dubby pads via lush leads and expansive arpeggios, this incricately-crafted bank of Sylenth presets comes bursting with the inspiring sounds perfectly suited to the sounds of Detroit techno, classic house, melodic tech-house, analogue electronica and beyond.

The bank comes packed with 50 presets spanning: deep basses, oscillating pads, classic key sounds, rich chords, lush pads and intricate arps. Each preset also comes with a corresponding key-labeled MIDI file to kick-start your melodic inspiration. This unique Sylenth collection gives you timeless analogue-style sounds in-the-box, on-the-go, any time.

The Analogue Underground Presets soundset is available from Loopmasters for £14.95 GBP.

More information: UNDRGRND Sounds / Analogue Underground Presets