Andrew Huang has posted a new video in which he talks about what he calls the most powerful and most versatile software synthesizer ever: Phase Plant by Kilohearts.

In the video Andrew shows how you can create your own synth within Phase Plant, demonstrating its workflow and various forms of synthesis, audio rate modulation, and lots more.

Kilohearts has also just released Polychrome by Andrew, featuring 34 presets for Phase Plant and Multipass. This expansion pack is part of a new series of Content Banks.

We are ridiculously excited to debut two very different ‘Artist Banks’ in the forms of Book of the Dead from Kill the Noise and Polychrome from Andrew Huang. Just wait until you hear what these guys have come up with… these patches are mind-blowing!

In addition, we have New London, Tremor, Impossible, and Headline banks packed with fresh sounds for Drum and Bass, Ambient, IDM, EDM, and all kinds of other styles and genres.

Content Banks are available for $29 USD each.

More information: Kilohearts