Andrew Reeman has announced an update to the Spectral Suite, a free collection of audio manipulation plugins for Windows.

Andrew Reeman Spectral Suite 2

Version 2.0.0 uses the JUCE framework to completely rewrite the user interface of the plugins for a more consistent and simplified experience.

The Spectral Suite is a collection of audio plugins that utilise the FFT algorithm to manipulate the spectral components of the input audio.

The Spectral Suite includes:

  • Spectral Gate: Only allow frequencies above or below a particular cutoff. This is great for only allowing the strongest frequencies through.
  • Frequency Shifter: Shift frequencies up or down a specified amount. Excellent for transforming human vocals into a metallic robotic sound.
  • Bin Scrambler: Randomly map the amplitudes of one frequency component to another. This is a great effect for completely transforming a sound.
  • Frequency Magnet: Shift frequencies to gradually focus on a particular frequency.
  • Sinusoidal Shaped Filter: Applies a sinusoidal shape over the amplitudes of the frequency components.

The plugin suite is available for download in VST3 format for Windows. AU for Mac is scheduled for a future update.

For more free FFT goodness make sure to check the DtBlkFx plugin as well.

More information: Spectral Suite