Anemond has announced the release of a one-of-a-kind tool for sound deconstruction.

Previoulsy available as a Max for Live device, version 3 of Factorsynth brings its technology to all VST/AU compatible DAWs.

Factorsynth is a powerful software tool that analyzes and decomposes (“factorizes”) audio clips into a set of temporal and spectral components. Once the components are extracted, you can manipulate and recombine them to generate melodic, rhythmic and timbral variations, create hybrid sounds by combining components of two different sounds, use it as a MIDI instrument, or sync it with the DAW host for live remixing.

Available in VST3 and AU plugin formats and as standalone software for Windows and Mac, Factorsynth 3 is priced 80 EUR + VAT, while users of a previous version can upgrade for 20 EUR + VAT. A free demo version is available to download.

More information: Anemond