AngelicVibes releases Thump multi-effect plugin for 808s & Bass


AngelicVibes has launched a new multi effects plugin designed for 808s and bass. Thump features 7 different parameters designed to take your bass to the next level.

AngelicVibes Thump

Created by both AngelicVibes and Hyper Frequency, Thump is the perfect plugin that’ll help you mix and edit all your bass sounds.

Instead of using 10 different plugins and making everything complicated, you can easily use Thump and get the results you want. It is a one of a kind plugin with its smooth workflow and amazing design.

Thump features

  • Multi-effects plugin designed for bass.
  • Smooth workflow.
  • Overdrive, distortion and saturation.
  • Multi-mode compressor.
  • Stereo separation for widening or narrowing the sound.
  • 3-band equalizer.
  • Multi-mode filter (LP/HP).
  • UI Scaling (100%/200%).
  • Undo/Redo.

Thump costs $49.95 USD. The plugin is available for Windows and Mac in VST and AU plugin formats.

More information: AngelicVibes

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