Angry Red Planet has released version 1.0 of Temper (previously Sequitur), a sequencer designed for creative MIDI composition.

Temper is a modern DAW with expected features like a modular environment, flexible routing system, multiple takes per track and more, but the focus is on providing a clean user interface and a powerful set of MIDI editing tools built around three basic ideas:

  1. Operating on phrases of musical data;
  2. interactive, realtime phrase manipulation via MIDI keyboards;
  3. and extensive flexibility by decoupling what gets processed from how it gets processed.
Angry Red Planet Temper GUI

Angry Red Planet Temper GUI (click image for larger screenshot)

Changes in Temper v1.0

  • New: Drag-and-drop to the desktop or a folder to create a .mid file.
  • New: Receive MIDI events from VSTs.
  • New: Intrinsic tools sync rate and wave guide parameters available, for syncing changes to the measure, beat etc.
  • New: Crudiments tool, for generating controllers based on the rudiments.
  • New: Setup->Behaviour page. Use this to set an inversion for the dragging the song position pointer.
  • Changed: Copy and Properties tools have been combined.
  • Changed: Updated the visuals.
  • Fixed: Improved VST hosting.
  • Fixed: Crashing/hanging bug usually seen when adding tracks for certain VSTs.
  • Fixed: Pan in the Mixer was broken.
  • Fixed: Bypass wasn’t freeing CPU.
  • Fixed: Add MIDI Track-> list now reflects the file structure of your VST folders. Also separated out the existing tracks.
  • Fixed: Changing the structure of a shape in the shape editor would erase the modulations.
  • Fixed: Audio file recorder was creating an undo state when you started it recording, which created oddness when you tried to undo.

Temper is available as uncrippled, unexpiring trialware for Windows PC. Licenses are available for $50 USD.

Visit Angry Red Planet for more information.