Virsyn has updated its algorithmic reverberation plugin REFLECT to version 1.2.

Updated in v1.2

  • New modulation algorithm simulating the air movement in a room for smoother reverb tails.
  • Mouse wheel support for program browser and knobs.
  • A few new reverb programs.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Ableton Live/VST: crackles while tweaking EQ removed.
    • Apple Logic: multiple instances GUI problem fixed.
    • Dry/Wet balance improved.
    • IR Import: more than one file dialog could be opened at once.
    • Mac: crash with RAX host fixed.

VirSyn REFLECT costs 169 EURO (Syncrosoft dongle not included).

Visit VirSyn for more information, audio demos and to download a demo of REFLECT (requires Syncrosoft dongle).