Angular Momentum Wavedraw

Angular Momentum has released Wavedraw, a freeware VSTi for Windows.


  • 2 x Wavetable Osc with loading and saving
  • 20 prefab waveforms
  • 2 x ADSR
  • 2 x Filter ADSR
  • 2 x SV Filter
  • 2 x Filter Step Sequencer
  • 4 x LFO
  • Chorus and Reverb
  • 64 Patches
  • 32 voices
  • 81 extra waveforms

Known Issues version 0.9:

Likes some CPU when long release settings are used. Stuttering host when drawing waves when host runs due to calculation of the wavetable.

A standalone wave creator is available to convert wave files to wavedraw format as well.

Visit Angular Momentum for more information and a link to download Wavedraw.